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We’re a Bit Different at Telechamp

Telechamp is an Australian business dedicated to creating smart solutions for digital signage. Not long ago, we recognised the massive opportunity for businesses of all sizes to harness the power of digital advertising to educate customers about their products and promotions.

However, we quickly identified gaps between digital service providers and the client’s end result where things could be… well, better.

  • Discs, SD cards, or memory sticks needed to be swapped over manually per screen, taking up valuable time in Sales Rep appointments… not to mention the exorbitant cost of producing and shipping new media to each retail location.
  • Receivers were clunky and large, often requiring small renovations to install, and taking up valuable shop floor or office space behind each screen.
  • Timing new promotions and releases per sales region often resulted in wastage, be it a production issue holding things up, damaged SD cards needing replacement, or even Sales Reps forgetting to swap over media at appointments, resulting in missed sales opportunities.
  • Businesses were being forced into unnecessarily restrictive contracts, while also paying additional fees per player, per location. What’s more, they were additionally paying for all data costs.

We believe technology should work for you, making business – and life – easier. And we knew we could further streamline the relationship between technology and purpose.

So we created a new solution.

Our hardware is the size of a USB… but don’t let that fool you into thinking its capabilities are limited. It acts as a mini computer, connected via WiFi to your account and intuitively downloading what it needs when it needs it from your Cloud hosted account. It also automatically clears out old files (which are still stored safely in your account), so it never gets full.

It works seamlessly with our custom Telechamp software which allows you to create screen groups, schedule media on the fly, design your own promotions, and more. All via an app on your PC, tablet or phone.

The result?

  • Reduced time between campaign launch and in-store realisation
  • Wastage slashed with no double handling, faulty media, shipping costs, or data spend
  • No dead screens – should a network error occur, your default media will display (and you’ll receive an instant notification)
  • Extremely cost-effective pricing (including no setup fee) designed to reduce your bottom line
  • Convenience and flexibility – manage your entire network from anywhere in real-time

Plug it in and it plays, giving you full control over your advertising network anywhere, anytime.

Simple, powerful, and convenient.

It’s the way technology should be.

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