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Digital Signage Solutions for Residential Groups

With the population in major cities around the world growing exponentially each year, high-density apartment living is the lifestyle choice of millions of people worldwide. These residents are the lifeblood of a diverse array of local businesses, from cafes, convenience stores, restaurants, and countless other business outlets.

Digital signage connects these consumers with businesses via targeted advertising, helping retailers get exposure to their local market. Digital advertising screens can also be used to display important information including emergency messages, local news, and more. Through strategically placed screens in elevators, lobbies, doorways, and other high traffic areas, residents remain informed and educated about the choices available to them.

Never has there been such an opportunity to generate advertising revenue from local businesses that directly benefit from having their engaging content displayed in front of their target market.

Screens can be used to:

  • Give handy walking directions to local stores
  • Display food and drink promotions for nearby cafes and restaurants
  • Inform residents about important news that affects the building
  • Raise awareness about nearby shopping and leisure opportunities
  • Promote local events and community activities

Fact: local businesses rely on the patronage of nearby residents to survive and thrive. Digital advertising opportunities offered by building body corporate groups offer win-win solutions for residents and businesses alike.

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