Digital Advertising for Restaurants and Cafes

Within the fast-paced and highly competitive nature of the food service industry, maximising buyer spending on each transaction is paramount. What’s more, customers will easily walk down the street to the competition if they perceive long wait times, unappealing displays, and irrelevant or tired-looking promotions.

It’s no longer enough to simply provide good food and good service. Restaurants and cafes need to provide an enjoyable experience by engaging with their customers and reminding them why they chose you over ‘the one down the street’.

Digital menu boards provides a dynamic and engaging medium through which to display promotions, cross sell items, and enhance the customer experience.

  • Attract passers-by with window screens displaying your delicious foods
  • Reduce perceived wait times with special offers, menu suggestions and brand media
  • Adjust your menu items within minutes according to ingredient availability
  • Use interactive kiosks to streamline productivity and increase revenue
  • Enhance brand recognition with vibrant digital displays
  • Boost sales with enticing videos of food and beverages on offer
  • Schedule promotions according to weather, season, or time of day

Through the effective use of digital signage, cafes and restaurants can not only influence sales, but boost loyalty as well by displaying dynamic video, social media feeds, loyalty discounts and more.


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