Centrally Managed

Control, Manage and Report on all your Display Hardware from anywhere in the World.

Cloud-based Display Management

All the functionality to manage diverse & complex Digital Signage networks via a secure web-portal.

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Control your own digital signage

Telechamp is an affordable APP-based software designed to give you the ability to control your Signage Displays worldwide through a web-based portal.

This software allows you to control the content on your screens no matter where they are located in the world. Videos and photos can be loaded through your web based dashboard giving you the ability to target one or multiple screens at one time.



Navigate quickly and easily with our intuitive and friendly web-based user interface


Quickly create great looking displays by simply adding your own pictures and text.
media management2


Simple Drag and Drop to upload your media files. Organize your content by file type, categories and metadata so everything is easy to find


Create playlists using text messages, webpages, videos, or images


Define and edit playlist time slots with a simple graphical view. With variable recurrence patterns and start/end dates, scheduling your content couldn’t be easier
emergency messages


Messages can be set to override the display at specific times or when external events occur such as emergencies. These can be added at anytime using your phone.


Content is delivered automatically with each player intelligently picking only the files that are new or have changed



Navigate quickly and easily with our intuitive and friendly web-based user interface

Keep Customers Up-to-Date

“Many times a year, owners of retail chains run specials or events that are not always announced effectively enough. With your digital signage, you can get customers talking about the upcoming occasion while they browse your store items. And, if they have your company’s hashtag (which can also periodically be displayed on your screens), it can get talked about on social media as well, just by them seeing it for a few seconds on the display.”



Stable and reliable digital signage playback 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Superior playback technology delivers smooth sub-pixel motion without distracting choppy, stutters.

Player will only download changes, not the entire content.

Communicates with Content Manager to track Player health and log events for ad billing or other reporting.

All updates are handled intelligently in the background to minimise any disruption of currently playing media.

Script Host Support enables seamless interface between Player and other systems/data using JavaScript, Python or VBScript.

Supports Windows Streaming Video or live video inputs with additional EXtension Module and corresponding hardware.

Plays either self-running media or interactive content with a touchscreen.

Native support for many widescreen displays and auto-rotation on portrait screens.

Audio-only Players are an option if you’re looking to manage both visual and audio messaging.

If your network connection goes down, Player keeps playing using store and forward technology.

Player licensing options are available for a wide variety of hardware from the very basic to the most advanced.

Users can create content using Designer or other industry-standard applications and distribute it to TeleChamps Players using Content Manager (and Broadcast Server for satellite/multicast).

The Player will continuously run and update the content on dynamic signage displays according to the plan set in place from the Content Manager. Interactive scripts, text, images, sound, and video can be dynamically scheduled and customized at each Player location.


Cross Sales & Up Sales

Whenever a retailer shows products on their digital sign, it can sway their patrons into thinking about what it is they want to buy while in the store. Showing the on-sale items for the coming days (or simply reminding them as they shop) can affect the food they buy, clothing they try on, or appliances or outdoor equipment they consider purchasing. It’s a great way to bolster sales within the establishment.


Cloud Based

All you need is a display, media player and an internet connection; we take care of the rest. On-premise servers, lengthy installation and complicated licensing agreements are a thing of the past!


Group, Schedule & Remote Control

If you have a retail chain that contains stores in many different places, you will enjoy the remote control feature of your new digital signage. From any location, as long as you have internet connectivity, you can quickly modify what is on each screen at each store to your liking. You can control them as Groups of screens – each group can have 100’s of screens. A group will follow one timeline. Create as many timelines as you like to control different groups of displays.


Telechamp is a digital communication business providing major residential buildings with ‘real-time’ information, connecting executives to relevant content and providing brands with a premium quality, highly targeted advertising network for an aspirational environment.

As a world leading executive communications company, our product solutions are vast, including premium high definition video walls, large format digital screens in office and residential foyers, in-lift screens, brand interactions and corporate car park display.

Our digital network delivers a real-time mix of live news, relevant content and full-motion display advertising, all premium communications solutions that enhance the tenant experience, whilst simultaneously providing advertisers with a unique platform through which they can effectively connect with an increasingly elusive, working audience.

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